Dear Complainers,

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To be ambitious in an extremely mediocre world (the system really) is courageous!

People look at successful people who have reached certain areas in their lives and totally miss the fact that successful people are the MINORITY.

They’re living in your world. Do you know the daily effort that takes? The world caters to you, not the 1% despite their success.

If you want to be successful, yet you’re complaining about your current situation, just stop trying although.


I guarantee you, years later you’re going to face the same thing, just at a different level depending on where you’re at in life.

Complaining doesn’t help. Innovate your way out!

It’s not easy going after your dreams, goals, and life purpose. But, if you have time to complain, then you have time to make a change.

Don’t make it harder on others or yourself. We all have our own fair of…

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The A.P.E. 13 portfolio breakdown



The Aggressive Positive Earnings 13 or the APE13, is a somewhat risky, moderately diversified portfolio, that has a 7% dividend yield. It is both international and domestic while including  8 different industries and 11 different super sectors. The classification system used for those numbers can be found here > ICB chart

I am going to be rather forth coming with this entire investment, I will follow up with information regarding each investment vessel and some of the requirements to get in.

The main goal is growth. It is taking place in my Roth IRA account, a topic that I will also be covering in another post(the benefits of a Roth and why young investors should take this rout). I am 27 years old, I also have another investment account and a 401k plan with my company. I further diversify my overall investment plans by separating them out in this manner. I have only been investing for a short period of time and as you will see I do not have an exorbitant amount of money here, be mindful that there two other accounts and that this is part of the beauty of it. You don’t need $10,000 to start investing, you can start investing your money and making it work for you right now. With out further adieu, here is the first compilation of the APE13.

APE13 ***The % after the ticker symbol is the annual dividend. I have not updated the ‘current quote’ either.

So with less then $3,000, I have a 7% annual dividend, well diversified portfolio, that also has some exciting growth opportunity. Full break down to follow, with investment thesis on each company and why i chose the Roth IRA for this investment. Also you can expect to see the details on what constitutes a sell from the APE13, and of course updates on performance. Leave me a comment on what you think about the general outlook and check back for further updates.





After further weighing some of the positions, I decided to actually cut PHK and ARLP and in turn go with Phillips 66 (PSX). The yield is vastly different at 2.81%, but the risk/reward was too great with the other companies and I have been watching PSX for some time now. With a P/E of about 9 it has a great valuation, broad range of diversity in its business and is still a play on oil. I was hoping to use ARLP as my oil play and balance out the risk with PHK being a close ended fund, but after further research the risk in the company is just to great. Phillips 66 still keeps me in that industry while also keeping itself diversified and has held up well through tumbling crude oil prices. So the APE13 is actually 12 stocks as it sits, but thats ok the name remains. I started purchasing and amassing the portfolio as well, I currently hold 6 of the 12 positions. I will be updating actual buy in prices as well reasoning behind each company soon.



This article is strictly opinion and not to be considered investment advice in any way

Things prosper when cared for

Apply this lesson to yourself as a manager, or to your business venture… Things prosper when cared for, I couldn’t of said it better myself.

Liberated Way

The joy of caring for something.

These oak saplings prosper because the are cared for. These oak saplings prosper because of care.

Today, I moved my eight oak saplings into the full sun, added a new layer of quality compost to their pots, and watered them.  In their second year of life these oak saplings prosper because of care.

Caring for something means one must pay attention to the small details.  For instance, I remove the caterpillars from the oak leaves, and the weeds that grow in the pots.  If I did not concentrate on the small details, the little problems could grow into larger problems, the caterpillars destroying the oak saplings, the weeds stealing their nutrients in the pots.

Also, the individual spends time on the thing cared about, establishing regular activities, such as in my case, watering the oak saplings every few days.  The individual looks for ways that the cared for thing might benefit, just as…

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The ABC’s Of An Average Working 20-Something

nailed it

A – Ask Questions.
B – Be Patient.(With Yourself. With Others)
C – Consistency.(Always Be Grinding. Gain Mastery. Repeat steps til you do them blindly)
D – Do the thing that gives you the most energy in life.
E – Explore. Examine. Experiment.
F – Fail More.Failure isn’t that rough, it’s just part of the process
G – Guard your freedom closely. (Never become a slave to drugs, money sex, people, entertainment, society, etc.)
H – Honesty. Its more than telling the truth, it’s living that truth too.
I – Insecurity is normal.Understand your insecurities. Own them.
J – Judge no one. Everyone is different. Embrace them. Allow people to have space to be themselves.
K – Know yourself. Take time to find your strengths, weakness, & quirks. Find your own boundaries.
L – Lose your…self. Become vulnerable. Dance. Listen. Enjoy others.
M – Meet…

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